Carpet Texture Pack 2 Available Now -- 02/22/2018
Carpet Texture Pack 1 Available Now -- 02/16/2018
Concrete Texture Pack 4 Available Now -- 02/08/2018
Closing my Turbosquid store -- 02/03/2018
As of today my products are no longer available on turbosquid as they have decided to try and squeeze yet more money out of the artists by demanding that prices on their site match other vendor sites but still only giving 40% of the royalties to the artist.

I always found this to be somewhat of an insultingly low percentage and only sold my products there with an added cost to compensate for the fact they took so much.

Well today they gave me the push I needed to end the abusive relationship with them, so I have now removed all products from their site.

All my products will still be available at the best price here and at my store on cgtrader and I am looking into other vendor stores.
Factory Collection Set 9 Available Now -- 02/01/2018
Factory Collection Set 8 Available Now -- 01/25/2018
Factory Collection Set 7 Available Now -- 01/18/2018
Factory Collection Set 6 Available Now -- 01/11/2018
Factory Collection Set 5 Available Now -- 01/04/2018
Factory Collection Set 4 Available Now -- 12/28/2017

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